This project was developed in 2019, for a craft brewery brand from a city close to Curitiba.

1. Mascot
The idea for creating a brand with great appeal is to use a captivating mascot. With that, the first step consisted of creating a mascot according to the customer's taste, the suggestion was of a sloth, from some sketches, I arrived at the ideal form of presentation and gave some options to choose from.
2. Branding
Then, after the mascot was approved, it was time to create the brand, so I tried to bring some elements that many traditional breweries used and from that, I created some alternatives for the brand's coat of arms as well as some typographic options.
3. Labels
With the brand approved, the third step was the creation of prints for the 500ml bottles, in total there were 6 different flavors: Belgium Pale Ale, Citric Weizen, India Pale Ale, Irish Red Ale, Pilsner and Stout. Each of the labels uses its own palette, using the same illustration base, with the silhouette of the local vegetation and one of the main mountains in the region of the state of Paraná, in Brazil, called "Pico Paraná".
Design by Diego de Freitas 2019

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