This piece is a personal project that I made a few years ago, I had imagined this scene when I was listening to a blues program on the local radio...

The idea of ​​the project at the beginning was to develop a storytelling of a classic scenario of American movies, of roadside bars, in this context, the illustration explores "the end of a night" of a bar owner who has to put up with customers who don't know drinking limit. I used the cartoon style to portray this type of situation in a lighter way, and of course, the atmosphere and lighting of the environment should also help in the mood of this scenario.
I made this art a while ago, I just had a sketch in an old notebook that I used in college to jot down ideas, at the time it seemed a little too flat, so a few years ago I redid this illustration in a more 3D way, but I had never completed it, there was I did the line art but no color, I started and after a while I didn't like the result and stopped... until I had the idea of ​​using this piece to illustrate a playlist cover on my Spotify, and of course, a playlist of blues music that I created to listen to while doing my work...​​​​​​​
Design by Diego de Freitas - 2022

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